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Support from production preparation to marketing!
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Benefits for goormEDU lecturers
If you are a goormEDU lecturer, this is basic.
Settlement ratio for lecturers
Your knowledge and experience are well worth it.
Educational environment for students
Enhance course quality through a cloud practice environment that can be run immediately without installation.
More convenient lecturer tool
It contains everything you need such as intuitive creation tools, permission settings, and student management functions.
Close support with know-how
We meticulously assist you in response to inquiries, equipment support, thumbnail production, and marketing.
Ready to go with IT knowledge and experience
I will help you start with a lighter mind.
※ The benefits offered are subject to change depending on the situation.
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High-performance recording equipment is supported for high-definition video lectures.
Logitech Webcam C922 PRO STREAM WEBCAM
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Comonic Pillar Guzneck Stand Mic CM-5010pro
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Works such as course thumbnails, logos, and intro images created by top designers are supported.
The images produced are only available on GoormEDU and YouTube.
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We support consulting for effective course composition such as curriculum design, practical example production, and environment setting.
ㅣEquipment Support and Other InquiriesㅣIf you have any questions about equipment support and course manufacturing, please press special Adv Channel TalkButton in the lower right corner and we'll be quick to answer.
Rich potential students
goorm has over 1,300 elementary/middle/high and 80 corporate and institutional customers nationwide. Courses released on goormEDU are promoted through a banner dedicated to elementary/middle/high schools, companies and institutions
LG Electronics
Hyundai MOBIS
Hana Bank
Chungang Univ.
Ajou Univ.
Kyunghee Univ.
Pusan Univ.
Easy and fast course opening and operation
Take a step-by-step look from course opening to operation with a video guide.
Open a course
Enter the required information for the course. Write it so that students can take a tour with interest in this course. Well-made course names and thumbnails can catch the attention of students.
Register for a course
Organize the curriculum of the course and register course content. Use various contents such as text, images, and videos. You can also attach class materials for students.
Create a problem
If you want to create a hands-on course, or if you want to allow students to check their achievements, create your own questions in various languages and forms and use them in your lectures.
Manage courses
Manage your course by utilizing various functions such as issuing a certificate of completion, announcements, and Q&A. It encourages continuous learning and can communicate effectively with students.
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We all deserve to be lecturers. Share your IT knowledge and experience all over the world.
If you apply for a lecture, you will be granted lecture rights within 24 hours.
Please contact us at contact@goorm.io if there is no change after 24 hours.